The Role Of Sleeping Bags
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The Role Of Sleeping Bags

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Sleeping bags are only used to keep the heat as little as possible to lose, while the human body in the sleeping bag is constantly producing heat to keep warm, different individuals and cases of heat generated differently, all the sleeping bag temperature system is based on a standard human body, but such a standard human body is basically non-existent. A sleep state of the human body has about 75-100 watts of thermal power, according to the body surface area converted to about 47-55 watts per square meter. The energy generated by metabolism is very complex and is related to age, gender and even the amount of fat under the body, but by and large, a strong young man always produces far more body calories than the elderly and women. In relation to the feeling of cold and age and experience, novices generally feel colder than experienced climbers. People who often work outdoors feel warmer in cold conditions than people who often work in the office.

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