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Net Glamping Dome Tent

Dome Play Tent for Kids
Canvas-covered play dome. Give kids their own play space. Large enough for multiple kids to play in.This rounded dome is fit for a fairy play. The exterior features a white background, green grass imagery around the perimeter, trees, mushrooms, and bricks. The rounded brown door pulls back with a hook-and-loop closure for easy entry and exit. Sold separately are six pie-piece style green cushions, creating thick, soft flooring. 
Product Description

This garden dome is made of a durable ABS plastic frame with thicken PVC screen and polyester mesh. 

Garden Igloo has a diameter of 12ft. Max height is 7ft. The base area is 107 ft². 

It can be perfect for any indoor & outdoor event, taking your event from the ordinary to the outstanding.

Package comes with the whole kit to set up your Bubble Tent House! 

The Bubble Dome is designed to be an all-weather enclosure that can be easily assembled and disassembled.

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