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Material For Down Sleeping Bag

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Down sleeping bag on the internal and external materials requirements are very high lining materials usually require more than 200T is appropriate, because if the lining material index is lower than 200T, individual hair will wear out, some of the better sleeping bags often use good nylon material will not have the phenomenon of velvet wear, this material light and skin contact when the feeling of soft paste; Sleeping bag external materials: Good down more waterproof and breathable materials, because in some very cold places, whenever the early morning, when the hot water condensed in the tent of small water beads, often splashed on the sleeping bag, so the external materials of sleeping bags to have a certain degree of waterproofing, to ensure the drying of sleeping bags. Because the down sleeping bag once wet, and not easy to dry, this will lose the warmth of the performance, so it is necessary to use waterproof and breathable materials to make its external fabrics.

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