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Maintenance Of Toys

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1. Keep indoor cleaning to minimize dust, and use clean, dry, soft tools to clean the surface of the toy.

2. To avoid long-term sunlight, and keep the toy inside and outside dry.

3. Cleaning can be based on the size of the necessary measures, small can be used to tape the fear of wear parts on the part, directly into the washing machine soft wash, dry, hanging in the shade dry through, and intermittent pat toys, so that its fur, fillers fluffy soft. Large toys can be found to fill the seam mouth, cut the stitches, remove the special parts of the filler (eye fiber) can not take (better to maintain the appearance) with tape to the fear of wear and tear of the accessories department.

Wash the outer epidermis to dry, then put the filler into the toy epidermis, integer, suture.

4. Equipped with high-intelligence electronics, stamens, audio wool/cloth or dolls, before cleaning must be the electronic components (some not waterproof) or battery removal to prevent water damage.

5. Clean the toy after drying, with a clean comb or similar tools along the direction of the fur combing neatly, so that its fur smooth, beautiful.

6. To see whether plush toys viscera clean and sanitary, unqualified toy fillers, there are waste plastic, fiber rope, paper scraps, and even the national explicit prohibition of black Heart cotton.

7. Twist plush toys eyes, nose, mouth, to see if strong, if the toys on the small parts, tension does not conform to national standards, it belongs to unqualified products.

8. In order to good health, should be regular consumption of plush toys, cleaning treatment.

9. Simple and easy to sterilize, disinfection methods, can be more powerful steam iron on the fluff gently reciprocating ironing, there is a certain bactericidal decontamination effect.


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