Identification Method Of Sleeping Bag Temperature Scale
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Identification Method Of Sleeping Bag Temperature Scale

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Comfortable and low temperature in the sleeping bag there are 2 identification methods, 1 are to identify an absolute temperature, such as-10 degrees, indicating that the sleeping bag comfortable low temperature is-10 degrees; one is to indicate the temperature range, transition from red to green or blue, such as red from 5 degrees, to 0 degrees when the transition to pale green, at-5 degrees when the The significance of this temperature representation is: 5 degrees warm, 0 degrees suitable,-5 degrees when the feeling is very cold, this sleeping bag comfortable low temperature is 0 degrees. It should be explained that comfortable and low temperature is only a relative concept, sleeping bag products do not have industry associations, no industry standards, not at home, not abroad, some large brands and research institutions according to laboratory tests and field experience, their products calibrated comfortable and low temperature. This temperature has only reference significance, he will vary from person to person, depending on the environment. Generally speaking, the sleeping bags of European and American origin are not suitable for Asians on the temperature scale, because Europeans are more hardy than Asians, so we should pay extra attention when choosing.

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