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How To Buy Sleeping Bags

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Before you buy a sleeping bag, ask yourself such a few questions? What is the low temperature of the environment in which I participate in the activity? Do I care about weight? How much do I plan to spend? If you only want to use a sleeping bag in an environment above 0 degrees, choose a lower temperature, such as 3 degrees or 5 degrees.

If your cold resistance is weaker, it is recommended that you also choose a sleeping bag with a lower temperature indicator, after all, it is much easier and safer for us to deal with warm than to deal with the cold. Use sleeping bags, pay attention to keep dry, because the sleeping bag after the wet warm degree is greatly reduced, especially the down sleeping bag, will not be warm at all. Therefore, in heavy rain weather or water activities, to protect the backpack to avoid water, or in advance the sleeping bag with a waterproof bag sealed up. After the sleeping bag damp, when the conditions allow to dry or dry as soon as possible, moist down sleeping bag can not be saved for a long time, otherwise it will mold or even become moth.

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