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General Tent Ride Method

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All kinds of tent usage is not the same, first say the common tent method. First choose the camp, the tent of the internal account tile on the ground (generally is the internal account, but there are some first put up the external account in the inside to hang the internal account, such as Eurohike, the principle is to wear the rod of the floor), the folding lever out, a section (generally 7 knots) straightened, connected into a long pole.

In accordance with the instructions on the manual put into the tent above the pocket cover, the common tent is cross-wear method. When all two poles are dressed. Insert one end of each pole into a small hole in the corner of the tent, then two people hold the active two heads at the same time, put the pole to the top, let the tent arch up, until you can put this side of the head also into the small hole, inserted in, the shape of the tent has become, the intersection of the joystick with a rope, choose the direction of the door, you can fix the tent on the ground. Use the ground nail, hook the Four corners of the ring into the soil, to let the bottom of the account to expand, the whole tent taut. Hang up the foreign account again, open the foreign account, cover the account, the tent is set up.

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